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Translating into English is not an easy task, particularly a sociology text. The market is full of people willing to give it a go, though this creates an enormous problem in terms of how our sociology is viewed abroad. With PJ Language Services it is different, their translators are truly professional. Not only do they translate well, but they are open to dialogue so that our ideas are expressed more correctly in English.

Antonio Sergio Alfredo Guimarães, Sociology Professor, USP, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, PIIRS and PLAS, Visiting Professor, Center for African American Studies, Princeton University


The translations of my academic work have been accurate and technically competent. I am well satisfied with the work done by your team. Thank you.

José Álvaro Moisés, Professor in Political Science, USP, Director of NUPPS (Centre for Public Policy Research, USP)


The quality of your work stands out in the Brazilian translation market. Your punctuality is a decisive factor for researchers who are always pressed for time.

Nadya Araujo Guimarães, Sociology Professor, Sociology Department, USP, Brazil


Translation of academic texts, in general, is difficult, not only due to the language which is often very exacting, but also because of the conceptual complexity which requires an understanding of very specific areas. Julia and Phillip are extremely attentive with my texts, and are happy to discuss any doubts that appear. Furthermore, I can rely on them to meet deadlines and to respect the sensitivity of the texts they translate.

Pedro Meira Monteiro, Professor of Literature, Princeton University


I had a look at your translation of the article on Graciliano Ramos and I am very happy, I think you did a very good job indeed.

Lucia Villares, PhD., Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge


PJ did an excellent job of translating my book from Portuguese to English… they did the best work that I ever seen.

Sidney Munhoz, Professor of Contemporary History at the Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Paran, Brazil


PJ has been providing translation services to me for three years. As well as competent and serious work, the company has other qualities which I consider to be fundamental in this area: efficiency and clarity in the preparation of quotes, as well as punctuality in completing the work.

Rosane Silveira, Professor in Languages, English, UFSC


I am a client of PJ Language Services and I can guarantee that the translations which they have done for me are of the highest quality. Indeed, I indicate their services every time someone asks me to recommend competent and good translators.

Adriano Duarte, History Professor, UFSC (Santa Catarina Federal University), Brazil


I have been using PJ Language Services for some time. Their work is always accurate and it reads very well. Their suggestions on English form and terminology are also valuable.  They did an excellent job of translating my book from Portuguese to English … they did the best work that I ever seen.

Teresa Sacchet, Researcher at NUPPS (Centre for Public Policy Research, USP), Professor of Political Science, USP

PJ Language Services have done a number of translations of articles and abstracts which I have sent for publication, and I am very happy with both the quality of their work and their VIP service. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Daniela Ribeiro Schneider, Professor in Psychology, UFSC

I was very satisfied with your work and by the fact that it was returned to me within the deadline. From the limited knowledge I have of the English language it is very good, it is in an English-English. I appreciate your good service and congratulate you on your competence.

Paulo Eduardo, PH.D. student in Postgraduate Engineering and Knowledge Management Programme, UFSC

The work Phillip and Julia have done on my translations and revisions has been very positive because both of them, as well as being responsible and having technical ability, have a feeling for the texts we create, that is, their approach displays a deeper understanding of the subject. I find this impressive. The last piece of work I sent them was returned to me in fluent, elegant and polished English, which was a pleasure to read…

Professor Déa de Lima Vidal, Laboratory of Studies in Semi-Arid Systems, Veterinary Faculty of the University of Ceará, Brazil.

The translation was excellent, just perfect for our English site, something very important for us. The translators showed very good understanding of the Portuguese text and a firm commitment to the deadline. I would not hesitate in using them again both due to the level of their knowledge and their diligence…

Morgana Krieger, Managing Director, Recontar, NGO, Florianópolis, Brazil

I would not hesitate in using their services again because the translators have demonstrated an ability to understand academic concepts and contents relating to the social sciences and they have also shown a willingness to translation alternatives and different options with regard to the text, and to revise the final work all within the agreed price.

Prof. Ricardo Muller, Department of Sociology and Political Science, UFSC, Brazil.





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